Client Testimonials

We at Sakura Management prioritize 1 factor above all, Customer Satisfaction. We want our clients to be making passive income without passively worrying about their page. Here are some of our happy & successful clients!

Top 0.65% of all creators on OnlyFans.

Top 0.37% of all creators on OnlyFans.

Top 0.48% of all creators on OnlyFans.

Top 1.08% of all creators on OnlyFans.

Our Operations

At Sakura Management, we offer a full 24/7 hour service with 3 agents on 8-hour shifts with the sole purpose of raising your gross revenue. A 4th chatter will have one main purpose, to retarget your expired fans, which in our studies has an average of 82% return rate of expired fans re-subbing. Our agents upsell your content, post on your feed, create captions, and do everything else it takes to excel an OnlyFans account to millions. We make sure that we completely make your OnlyFans a passive growing business. On your end, all you have to do is create content and enjoy your stress-free life!


After applying and being accepted as a client, you will receive your agent on Telegram. Your agent is there for all communication needed to relay back to your team working on your page. If you have more questions, the agent is available at all times.

We take 25% of the gross revenue. Simple as that, no hidden fees!

Our partnership is based on a weekly system, starting at 9 pm PST Sunday. We send invoices at 9 pm PST Sunday. All invoices can be paid with either card or ACH transfer and even Apple Pay.

We offer two types of referrals at Sakura Management. We only offer these referrals to our clients. The first referral offer is 5% off our permanent cut when you referred us to a new client. The second referral offer is for our star clients who refer us to another star client. We give that first client 5% of our cut from the referral star client who fits our requirements.

Of Course! We love to have a paid trial with new potential clients, they get a feel of how our operations run and we can see if they are going to be a perfect fit for our management! After submitting your application, you will receive a message and we can continue with your 7-day paid trial!

Easy as 123!

At Sakura Management, we want to have an easy process because we know that our prospects are busy. Our contracts don't have a "set time" such as 3-months & 6-months, we allow our clients to dissolve our partnerships on their time!


Success Is An Application Away!

We want to hear your story about your career and your page! We have worked with dozens & dozens of clients in different niches from fetishes to cosplay. We have perfected "the girlfriend experience", a system that pinpoints the fan's limited attention to only you. Your fans will stick around longer compared to any other management, which strictly only upsells content and scare away fans.

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