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Take your agency to the next level!

We are revolutionizing the management business industry! We allow our clients, primarily OnlyFans agencies or MGMTs & other platform owners, to focus on multiplying their revenue. We take over all the hard work and the whole circle management of the creator’s page, allowing you to concentrate on your other tasks more efficiently. Our combination guarantees not to touch the moon but the sun! The revolution is our chatters. 

They are what makes our management and agency, their intellect, alongside their perspicacity & work experience in the OnlyFans niche, allows them to excel us to a place we couldn’t even imagine!


To fully achieve a twenty-four-time plan, we have three chatters who each have one daily 8-hour shift. The page always has someone attending to it; no fan will ever feel alone or be left on delivered again!

Tipping is a skill that the chatters have perfected, with chatters having work experience for four+ years. They have a natural flow of upselling/tipping and building an intimate relationship with fans.

There is no point in signing up with a service if they do not provide two factors to your business. One is the convenience factor, the service doing the hard work. Second, the service brings worth/wealth to you. They consistently are an asset, getting more money into your pockets. As many of our clients can say, we provide these two values daily without lack.

Guaranteed Growth


We are already succeeding in our management and want to share the critical success with others in this industry. The more winners we have, the bigger the sector becomes, which ends with more money for everyone! We believe we have the key to help you if you are looking for growth.

Commitment to Communication

I want to ensure that my service is committed to you in all the spheres of a proper long & healthy partnership. To ensure that, I will be overseeing and managing the operations. I hope this is a sign of good faith, not just in collaboration but faith in a friendship! I currently have friends I met throughout this journey in this industry; we share vital information from our experiences and mistakes, so we spiral each other to success; I wish the same for us! 

– Arthur P.

Owner & Founder of Sakura Management LLC

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$11 per hour
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